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Mata Survey...(Survey Again....)
Monday, October 29, 2007

01 what is your 2nd name?
= isabel

02 what is your hair color ?
= black brown

03 where do you study ?
= casa real montessori

04 how young are you?
= 15

05 where could you be seen?
= um....anywhere

06 are you angry at anyone?
= yeah

07 who was the last one who called you?
= i forgot

08 who is the last one who
messaged you?
= i don't know

09 who was the last one who added you
= i really forgot sorry...

10 who was the last person who hurt you
= hm....mmmm

11 how many people are in your list?
= i didn,t count it out

12 do you talk with people you don't
= yes

13 do you love shopping?
= no...

14 what is your favorite color ?
= sky blue

15 do you miss anyone?
= yes...of course

16 who do you like to meet?
= takeru sato!!!!

1 7 do you buy CDs of your favorite
band/art ist?
= no

18 when was the last time you drank
any alcoholic drink?
= can't remember

19 what was that alcoholic drink?
= i remember it's wine

20 how many messages do you have in
your inbox in friendster?
= 20+

21 where was the last time you drank
= yesterday

22 have you entered a bar?
= no

23 where was the last place you went
before answering this?
= no where

24 go for what?
= none

25 how many rings do you have?
= none

26 do you have people who add you up
and dont mind talking to you?
= ?...

27 do people message you to add them
= no

28 what was the last thing you ate?
= tempura

29 what was the last thing you drank?
= water

30 what song are you listening to?
= Double-Action

3 1 last person you added in your address bo ok?
= don't have an address book

32 what do you feel when people
compliment you?
= nothing

33 do you think kids like you?
= no

34 do you chat with foreigners?
= none

35 do you still chat with them?
= no

36 last person who you shared
stuff with?
= none

37. is there anyone you want to say mean things?
= yes

38 where is he/she?
= can't say

39 are you having fun today?
= not really

40 have you ever admired someone
ever since and you're still admiring
that person?
= yeah...

41 do you love your school?
= no

42 why?
= money lovers

43 when was the last time you felt
= i forgot

44 what are you feeling right now?
= more watching of kamen rider den-o

45 do you think you are attractive?
= of course....8p

46 do you have any suitors?
= none


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Rain Shower and Tear Drops
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's raining that time. I already arrived at school. I just thought that today is Florence's birthday. There is a superstition that if it rains in your birthday then you will have more blessings. I wish it's true to her. I should be happy for her. I did that so I will be happy for a while. Also I wanted to forget some of my problems. I'm really sad it rained so hard also in my heart tears fall like rain shower. I wish I can attain peace of mind so I couldn't be lonely anymore. I often think of dying but it just not happen to me. For me, my mission is finished but I'm still alive just to suffer. When will I be free from this loneliness of mine? My blogger friends you are the ones who make me happy. People in school particularly some of my peers make me sad because some of them are mean to me.


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A Review On What I Watch Earlier
Sunday, October 21, 2007

it features Nanaka, Aoi, Syuri, Asami, Yuzuki & Hinako
Sana is absent sorry...

I missed watching anime so much that's why I gain boredom throughout the days come. Until I saw this latest anime at Anime News Network, it is entitled "Myself; Yourself." Now this is the synopsis of the story. It's about Sana, a boy who left Sakuranomori for about 5 years. He returns to the town recently. He approach to a shrine and she saw a girl there. He is remembering about the old memories in that town when he was still there. There are some things change some are not. The next day he arrived at school and he saw the girl in the shrine. He didn't recognized his old friend whose name is Nanaka. As a result. he received a slap on the face. I watch this anime at Youtube. I found it nice and it relates a bit in my life because sometimes if I saw anybody who doesn't remember me I'm gonna slap them all. Hihihi...a bit of laughs. Hey! It's just a joke okay. ;D


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A Very Hectic Week

Last week, all throughout that week is so stressful. I have lots to do within this week. Project making, finishing some projects and many more.... All of those finishing in all through out the week.
From Monday-Friday I am very busy. That is one cause why I'm not posting another entry by this time.

Wait a minute....

I was awarded with that by Parisukat. I was shocked... Am I that thoughtful??? Hehehe...^*^

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For the first time, I run that fast…I did it
Monday, October 8, 2007

These are the things I did last Saturday (October 6, 2007)

3:39 A.M.
– I am awake but still I don’t want to go away from the bed. I still wanna sleep.
4:40 A.M. – I stood from the bed but I’m not taking a bath nor eat.
4:51 A.M. – I already took a bath.
5:12 A.M. – I’m dressing myself up. I’m confused which P.E. t-shirt to wear. I said to myself that I won’t forget my comb because I know because I know after running my hair will be stiff.
5:23 A.M. – I ate breakfast. I ate sunny side up eggs and a bit of rice.
5:30 A.M. – I’m waiting for the school bus to arrive. Unfortunately, they didn’t come because I forgot to say it to them to fetch my at home. I go Danessa’s place but I saw that their car is not there. So probably Danessa and her sister were fetched in the Imus Plaza by their parents.
5:39 A.M. – I arrived home. I borrowed my dad’s cell phone and texted the school bus driver. He replied that they are in Imus Plaza.
5:41 A.M. – Me and my dad departed from home going to Imus Plaza. I’m listening to my radio in my cell phone. I was listening Beautiful Girl by Sean Kingston.
6:02 A.M. – I arrived there. I surrender my phone to dad for safety. I was given coins worth 25 pesos. I thought that they are running but they are listening to the orientation on the starting point. They are many schools participated to this event. I’m searching for CRMI then I saw Marielle. I ran through Florence. She’s with Erika and Paolo. We still have some chit chats before the race. Oh dear I forgot my comb.
6:30 A.M. – We started to run but we CRMI walk at first. Some of us run. That’s why we were separated from each other. I was with Florence, Erika and Paolo. Afterwards, Pao and I were ahead to Flo and Erika. We saw MJ and Danessa along the way. Somebody, from the other school, split MJ and Danessa. We almost fall into a dirty canal especially me because I was near in that canal and suddenly I was hit by Pao’s elbow. He shouted to that guy to say excuse me. After that, Pao and I left MJ and Dane. We saw Carlota and Macy. We also had some chit chats on the way.
6:55 A.M. – We ran 2 km. I’m still with Pao, Lota and Macy. In this marathon, we had a combination of run & walk. We received a yellow straw along a station there. I was almost hit by a vehicle on the road. Ms. Lei and Sir Gaton saw it. Sir Gaton said to Pao that take care of me. Pao said “Let’s take care of ourselves.*” We left Macy behind. I’m still trying to make talk with them but it has a combination of panting. We ran until we saw Ms. Basto and an elementary teacher but we pass through them. After that, we saw Ms. Edchel and Nikka. Before the talking they run so fast that I was left behind.
7:10 A.M. – I’m all alone, left behind by Pao, Carlota and Ms. Edchel. I felt pain in my right stomach. I just walk so I can recharge my strength. I pass through Ms. Basto again but I didn’t saw the ones ahead of me. It was 4 km. While in the way, I murmured “Pao, Lota, Nikka help me.*” I was breathless plus I felt so much pain. When I saw Pao from far away, I chase them even though I have the pain. I puff roughly. I was near to them and I said a loud “HELLO!” though I’m panting. Then Carlota said that I’m abnormal for chasing them that far. We stop running because we saw the mayor and the vice mayor of Imus jog. Then we had a picture with them. After that we ran again. I’m still with my companions at that time. I drank a juice in a pack to replenish myself while jogging. Also, I took a bite of meat bun at my bag. It’s just a small bite. I didn’t swallow that because it’s bad if you run while you eat. Because of too much exhaustion, I wanted to hold Pao for support. I did that so I can restore the energy that I lost. They rashly run again that I was almost behind but I still reach them. I hold Pao’s wrist for support. I’m so tired by that time. We already ran 5 km. and I received a blue straw at a station there. We pinpoint places there. It is fun running there because you can feel the wind and you can burn calories. The consequence of that is you will be so exhausted and sweaty inside.
7:43 A.M. – Wow! It’s almost an hour that we are running there. We are almost at the finish line. We ran so fast. My elapsed time in the race is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Yes! I had a great experience on doing that.
7:50 A.M. – We rested from the race. Me, Pao and Nikka changed clothes at the C.R. near a church. I felt all sweaty that I almost wanted to be naked. After dressing up, we inspect at our own things. I saw that my coins were gone. So I didn’t have money. We head back to the resting place. Then we thought to buy refreshments. I ask Pao to buy a Coke can for me. So the three of us now have Coke to drink. We are waiting in the finish line because the people in our school who finished the race are few.
8:10 A.M. – Others went home already. Me, Pao and Flo wanted to go home also until Florence’s brother is missing. So we search for her brother. Then it rains. First it was a drizzle until it became a rainfall. We search him in the fields. We saw the teachers in a canteen place and I asked them where Flo’s brother went. The principal said that he already left. Now we need to find the school bus. It was missing. We thought that it was gone and left us. Pao likes us to walk from the venue to the highway but we saw the school bus and we already ride in.
8:41 A.M. – We already departed from the venue and now going home. But some of us were hungry including me. So we decided to stop a Jollibee near Makro Imus Branch. We go down at the bus and eat. We saw some of our classmates like Lea, Princess and Joanne. They almost finish eating their orders. We had our orders. For me, I asked Flo if she can buy for my just fries. Flo ordered a Chicken and Spaghetti Meal with Large Fries and Coke. Pao ordered Caramel Pastillas Sundae and Regular Fries (a very peculiar combination). His drink was Sprite. We pray first before eating. After we finish our food, we go back inside the school bus so we can go home. I get the receipt of our orders. I told Flo to scan it.
9:39 A.M. – We departed from Jollibee and now going home. We had fun while going home. I laugh and laugh because Bianca smashed the school bus driver and the monitor several times. I’m still having story telling with Flo at anything. Pao’s position of sleeping was similar to The Thinker.
10:28 A.M. – When I got myself home, I had a headache and I rested to refresh myself. That was the first time to run in a marathon in my whole life.

* - I translated the original lines that Pao and I said. They are in Tagalog so I need to translate them for you to understand.

The Carlota that is in the marathon is different to Carlota who is my blog friend.

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